Headz Up Events can market your event or business with an email (e-blast) to our nearly 10,000 subscribers in the DMV.

Description: Each week (usually Fridays) Headz Up releases a single e-blast with multiple advertisers. The flyer (ad) size is approximately 450 pixels or less.  Ad
placement is on a first come, first served basis.

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Costs: $40.00 for one ad in our weekly e-blast.
$60.00 ($30 each) for two ads in our weekly e-blast .
$75.00 ($25 each) for three ads in our weekly e-blast.

Description: This option features only your ad in a single, full page e-blast. This ad can include your video in addition to a flyer.

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Costs: $80.00 for single e-blast
  $140.00 for two e-blasts ($70 each)
  $180.00 for three e-blasts ($60 each)
  $200.00 for four e-blasts ($50 each)
  $225.00 for five e-blasts ($45 each) plus a premium banner for one month!

*For even larger custom advertising packages, drop us a line. Contact us at: Headzupevents@gmail.com


Costs: $50.00 per month.
  $75.00 per month for top position.

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To purchase eblast (s) or banner advertising please complete form:

Email your flyer or banner to: HeadzupEvents@gmail.com


We prefer secure credit card and/or e-check processing through PayPal.
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Demographics & Statistics:

*   60 - 65 % of Headz Up Subscribers are African-American Women.
*   90 % of Headz Up Subscribers are in Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia.
*   Monthly Page Views average 18,000 - 35,000

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    • Tip #1:  You must advertise multiple times to get folks attention. Repetition is the key to advertising.

      Tip #2:  Always have your audience’s needs as a first priority, so put relationships before profits

    • Tip #3:  Shorter Subject Lines produce higher Open and Click-Through Rates (Less than 50 characters.)

    • Tip #4:  Create a sense of urgency. Add a “Call to Action” statement in the campaign.  Use descriptive terms such as "Sign Up now!" “Purchase Tickets now” or "Subscribe me!"

    • Tip #5:  Place contact information near the top or an easily visible location. Too many advertisers bury the contact information near the bottom in the smallest font size.

    • Tip #6:  Limit the amount of information in the ad. Most people do not read e-mail messages thoroughly, they skim for critical info. Refer them to your website for detailed information.

      Tip #7: 
      Make your reader curious: Suggest that the reader is missing out on an important offer or piece of information. When you use this technique, make sure you leave something to the imagination. For example: "Hi __ are you making this common mistake?"

      Tip #8:  The more your subject lines look like personal e-mails from friends, family members or business associates, the more likely it is that they'll be opened.   So avoid excessive capitalization, exclamation marks and dollar signs, which can increase the chances of having your messages flagged as spam, and will be sure to set off warning bells with your recipients.

      Tip #9:  Keep Advertising. When sales slump, a business owner’s first inclination is often to cut the marketing budget.  After all, one has fixed costs and cash flow can be irregular. Marketing should be the last activity you eliminate or you risk an even faster downward spiral.  Advertising your business and attracting new customers should be an ongoing process.

      Tip #10:  Use memorable benefits. Ads that grab and hold a prospect's attention are those that immediately communicate a benefit that answers the question, What's in it for me? The bottom line is that features aren't memorable-benefits are. If you have a headline that states a benefit, people will read it, remember it and hold onto it.